The term 'power tools' is very wide ranging and may be regarded as including cordless rechargeable tools or soldering and welding equipment but it normally refers to small, usually mains-powered tools, such as drills, electric hand saws, heat-guns, sanders and grinders etc. There is a great deal of choice in each category and when choosing an item from the power tools range, the most important factor is that it must be the right tool for the intended tasks. Obviously, factors such as power and speed need to be considered but ease of use is an important feature, often overlooked. The availability of consumable spares should also be considered. Although additional features may add to a tool's potential usefulness, excess bulk and weight are usually regarded as negative points. U.K. buyers should be aware that although most power tools are designed to use a U.K. mains supply, specification details should always be checked and equipment may not necessarily be fitted with a U.K. plug as standard. Consumables are also available, such as saw accessories and drill bits, helping to keep power tools in peak operating condition.