Distrelec supplies a comprehensive range of tools for the needs of any laboratory, workshop or tool shed. Distrelec is the place to go for all your soldering and welding needs, stocking everything from tips and nozzles to desoldering and soldering irons. Distrelec has everything an up-to-date lab needs, from magnifying glasses and microscopes to safety gear, such as safety protection glasses and ESD-safe products. There is also a wide range of power tools to make quick work of the toughest jobs, including power drills from big names, such as Bosch and Dremel, not to mention cordless drills to allow work to carry on outdoors, or anywhere without access to an electrical socket. Distrelec sells a wide range of hand tools, from crimping pliers to all types of screwdriver. There is also a wide range of measuring tools, such as spirit levels, all types of gauges, metal detectors, laser measuring devices and numerous related accessories. There are boxes and containers of all sizes, for sorting and organising tools from the tiniest nuts and screws to pliers and screwdrivers. When it comes to tools, Distrelec offers everything you could possibly need - and all products are of the highest quality, from established and reputable brands, such as Keysight, Vogel and Aim-TTi, and conform to the latest EU standards.