Well-designed security systems help secure entry points and monitor sensitive interior spaces by means of a network of integrated sensors and devices. Typical networks include components such as alarm systems which, when triggered, warn those in the vicinity – and even automatically contact third parties; motion sensors which can secure designated areas; and security cameras (wired and wireless) which can monitor in a variety of modes and even create a video record of unauthorised breaches of access protocols. Presence detectors besides security purposes can also be used in conjunction with the energy-saving features of lighting systems. Similar sensor-based and camera-equipped technologies are also adequate in domestic ‘smart home’ environments offering a combination of comfort and security features, for example, the control of music-streaming, interior climate and alarms. Some major brands providing building security products are Abus, Steinel, APC, D-Link and König. Components for indoor and outdoor use can be supplied, with dust and moisture protection IP ratings of IP 20 to IP 66 to shield those equipments operating in exposed locations. A full range of visual-surveillance equipment is also available, including low-power CMOS options, discreet dome-shaped camera designs with full PTZ functionality, colour images and a choice of FPS rates which includes the popular 30p mode. In addition, many systems incorporate a useful two-way audio communication function.