The most common maintenance tools are labelling, adhesive and cleaning materials. Signage constitutes an important element in the proper implementation of electrical systems. Labels, cable markers, marker pens and warning signs are an essential requirement in an electricians toolkit, to ensure wires and switches are properly marked and to ensure there is no ambiguity with the installation. Adhesives come in many types, from small Super Glue tubes to epoxy coatings of varying shear strength and hardness. Adhesives of different base compounds differ in terms of viscosity, strength and setting properties. Adhesive guns or glue guns are commonly used to apply adhesives in industrial applications. In many fixing applications, especially for wires, adhesive tapes offer a better alternative to glues. Adhesive tapes come in many variants, such as double-sided tape, fabric tape, aluminium tape, masking tape and more, and in various strengths, depending on the application. Ultrasound cleaning solvents are used in ultrasonic cleaning, where ultrasound in the range of 20–400kHz is applied to effect a thorough clean. Cleaning compounds such as silicone are used in dry cleaning, in installations where water or wet-cleaning is not an option. Cleaning cloths, such as anti-static cloths, clay dessicants and others, are also an essential ingredient in an electrician’s armoury.