Highly efficient LEDs power modern lighting technology. The key components in such modern LED-based lighting systems are power LEDs, LED modules, LED spot modules, LED drivers, electroluminescent panels, and accessories such as lenses and mounting accessories. The LED module, which works either standalone or plugged into a power source, offers a fixture for one or more LED bulbs. The electroluminescence panels emit light when an electric current passes through them, improving output considerably. LED drivers regulate power to the LED, or to a string of LEDs, as assembled. The electrical properties of LEDs change with heat or temperature, and the drivers ensure a constant quality of power, keeping the LEDs performing optimally. LED lenses help to focus the light in the desired way. Mounting accessories such as casings allow fixing of the lights at the desired place and at the desired angle. All these components and accessories come in various types, models and quality. Consider the specs in detail, to suit the application, and always opt for high-quality models. While LED lighting systems are highly efficient, powerful, sleek and long lasting, such benefits depend on selecting the most appropriate components, and having high-quality components in place.