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About Elfa Distrelec

Elfa Distrelec shall supply electronics products, supplies and technical information to the professional market in a fast, reliable and simple way.
Elfa Distrelec is one of the largest catalogue distributors of electronics in Northern Europe.

Elfa Distrelec's experience as an electronics supplier spans over more than 70 years. The concept of simple ordering and fast and reliable delivery, in combination with an active development of our assortment and extensive technical support, has made this company into one of the largest catalogue distributors of electronics in northern Europe.

Elfa Distrelec is owned by Dätwyler, the Swiss industrial group. Our business area includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine. Furthermore the company is represented by resellers in ten European countries.

The Distrelec Group

"Thanks to organic growth and as a result of the acquisition of the German Schuricht GmbH in 2001 (now Distrelec Schuricht GmbH) and the Swedish company Elfa in 2009 (now Elfa Distrelec), the Distrelec Group now employs 750 people.

Within the Dätwyler concern, Distrelec is organised in the Technical Components division employing around, 1,500 people. As a result, the division is one of the leading European high-service distributors of components and accessories in IT, electronics and engineering."